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    "The most important spiritual lesson is getting that we are truly all one, there is no separation between me and anyone else. Jennifer's little movie contains moving excerpts from her book, The Big Book of You, that are perfectly aligned with this message. I loved it. I can't wait to see the whole book when it is published later this year." --Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and featured teacher in "The Secret"

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Market Communications Strategist and Author of The Credibility Factor (


I started my career in advertising, and learned the business of building brand while developing newspaper advertising for companies such as Mazda, The Gap, Hostess, and Nortel. During my lengthy career as a business strategist and public relations professional, I leveraged brand-building strategies to focus more on the communications end of things, specifically how to identify and work with industry leaders and experts (that I also call influencers).

As I worked at agencies and with a variety of clients, I realized that most companies really don't have a strategic plan, or even a thorough comprehension of their target market. They are generally very sales focused meaning run by the sales staff, each with their own agenda for generating a sale; sometimes at any cost. I found that a sales driven company is usually running by the seat of its pants and, while they can be successful, there is often no road map to where they are going or why. I regularly witnessed that this sales driven culture eventually limited sales potential.

In an effort to assist these companies to think like marketers and make marketing driven decisions (vs. sales or engineering driven decisions), I created a system that walked them through the steps of strategy this became “credibility branding” and is covered in my book The Credibility Factor..

The book reveals some of the secrets I use with my consulting clients; how to build a credible company and / or product from the ground up in order to draw in highly influential editors, analysts, early customers, celebrities, industry pundits, strategic partners and the like. It shows how to leverage customers to spread word of mouth testimonials. The credibility branding model that the book is based on helps to influences the influencers to influence customers and in the process creates extremely loyal long term subscribers of your products and services.

I have been approached to act as a as a speaker, commentator, guest contributing writer and consultant. I have spoken for PRSA, AMA, IIR, Association for Women in Technology, Oregon Entrepreneurs Forum, UCLA Entrepreneurs Association, and I have been a regular guest speaker for the University of California Irvine's MBA program.

About Credibility Branding: Linear, manipulative, spin marketing is over. The social media world and savvy customers have created influencers that can sell products and change public opinion. These influencers (customers, users, media, celebrity, pundits, partners etc) are cementing the trust in products and companies and contributing to a dramatic increase in the speed of sales. Credibility branding is a model that helps to manage this opportunity and is an important new conceptual marketing breakthrough.