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Friday, November 02, 2007


Mukund Mohan

Long, well thought out piece. I use several marketing firms - branding, lead generation and PR.

PR is the hardest to track and manage. With every other agency I have defined deliverables, with PR its mostly hit or miss. So what's our option?

DIY. We can and will take the time to do the due diligence and build relationships with the right folks at our target publications and use very little of an "external agency". Why? We can control our own destiny. Its more difficult but puts the burden of results on something we can control.

I see a lot more VP's of Marketing going that direction.

Branding Blog

As a branding agency I like to go out and scour the net for really great articles. It’s tough to find one that’s right on point and yours is. Thanks for the read and keep up the good work.

Scott White
The BIG Kahuna

Aurelius Tjin

Wow, that is pretty much interesting! So far, my most controversial read for the day.

Great post! :)



As you know PR folks and editors have been going head-to-head for a long time and the Web has only increased the tensions between the two with such ease of news material distribution. As a publisher/editor myself of an industrial supply trade publication I get a lot of spam daily from PR people that send me useless material and barely in the format I requested. Although I don't agree with Chris Anderson's approach, as you indicated it was childish, but it certainly caused some friction in the PR community and many will think twice before they send Chris more material without thorough research on his needs.


Jennifer, you were far to gracious to Chris. He had no right to use his inflated position to do what he did. Shame on you for apologizing, he didn't deserve it. He's not only mean-spirited, he has overstepped his boundaries and abused his position. I've removed Wired from my reading list, you'll never see the editor of Popular Science act like a grown kid...

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